• Venezuela in crisis: What can bring stability?

    Venezuela in crisis: What can bring stability?

    Fuente: Al Jazeera English

    Venezuela’s government on Tuesday rejected what it called a “coup attempt” organised by opposition leader Juan Guaido. In a video posted to Twitter, Guaido, in the presence of several dozen soldiers, called for the removal of President Nicolas Maduro from office, encouraging Venezuelans to take to the streets in support.

    Government officials, though, were quick to assert that the army had largely stayed loyal and in control, calling the troops alongside Guaido “traitorous”.

    Security forces clashed with anti-Maduro demonstrators outside an air base in Caracas, with the Reuters news agency reporting that a National Guard armoured car struck protesters who threw stones at the vehicle. Maduro responded to Tuesday’s events on Twitter, calling for “maximum popular mobilisation to assure the victory of peace.”

    Maduro’s foreign allies include Russia, China and Cuba, while Guaido is recognised as Venezuela’s interim leader by the United States and about 50 other countries.

    So, in light of recent events, what can be done to build political stability in Venezuela? In this episode, we ask supporters of President Maduro and Juan Guaido that question.